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Strategic Consulting

Why CyberWise?

Passionate about combining innovative cyber tech scouting, executive coaching and board perspectives that all serve to protect your client's data & tech assets. Looking forward to supporting you in your pursuit to make informed decisions that produce a real difference in your cybersecurity posture.

Andrew Speirs


A senior cleared executive with 25+ years of leadership and innovation experience, a multi-industry background, and particular expertise in cybersecurity. A former Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) with an extensive private sector career in financial services and healthcare, Andy is also a decorated veteran, having served in Operations Desert Shield and Storm as a Naval Flight Officer and Mission Commander.


Andy is known for a bringing a business mindset, diverse thinking, military discipline to his expertise in cyber through a combination of strategic planning, business-technology alignment, and team building that all serve to protect data and technology assets in an ever-evolving threat landscape while establishing a foundation for ongoing business growth. 

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